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Swimming Pool

The Brookhaven Swimming Pool Hours & Days

Second Weekend in May until Last Day of Public School     
Monday - Sunday 10:00 am-8:00 pm
Saturday and Tuesday open at 8am
Gate Attendant Open-Close

Day after last day of school     - July 5th
Monday - Sunday close at 9pm or dusk
Gate Attendant Open-Close

July 6th - first day of school     
Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 9:00 pm
Gate Attendant Open-Close     

First day of school – Labor Day     
Monday - Sunday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Gate Attendant Open-Close

Sept 6th - Sept 17th
Saturday - Sunday 10:00 - 8:00 pm
Gate Attendant Open-Close

There is no adult swim

The slide closes each night 30 minutes prior to closing

The pool and pool deck are closed and off limits after closure.

Rules and Regulations:
1.     Admittance to the pool and pool deck is for Brookhaven homeowners in good standing and their guests.
2.     No children under 12 yrs old are permitted to swim under any circumstances without a parent or other obligated adult present. Obligated adults must be 16 yrs or older.
3.     All members are required to familiarize their children and guests with all pool rules.
4.     The number of guests allowed at any time may be limited at the discretion of the lifeguards.
a.     Out of town guests and family will be admitted free of charge.
b.     More than three guests per household will require a charge of $5 per person.
c.     Groups of more than 12 (swimmers and non swimmers) will require advance approval from the Pool Committee. Lifeguards may deny entrance to groups larger than 12 that do not have prior approval of the Pool Committee.
d.     No groups containing more than 12 guests (swimmers and non swimmers) will be allowed during peak attendance (weekends and late afternoons).
e.     Limits may be based on excessive pool occupancy or excessive number of guests per family.
5.     Reservation of the clubhouse does not include use of the pool or pool deck.
6.     The pool may not be reserved or utilized for exclusive use except by the Brookhaven Swim Team for swim meets and team parties. Notice of closure will be posted in advance.
7.     No one under 18 yrs old may swim alone.
8.     Lap swimming is allowed in the lap lane and takes precedence over non-lap swimming.
9.      Early morning lap swimmers may contact the Pool Committee regarding early morning lap swimming privileges. Forms and waivers must be completed in advance.
10.     The ratio of children to parent/obligated adult may not be greater than five to one.
11.     Gates to the pool may not be propped open.
12.     No running, no pushing, no jumping in on top of others, no jumping from the lifeguard stand, no dunking, no holding people under.
13.      No jumping from the side of the pool onto flotation devices.
14.      No diving.
15.      No loitering in the bathrooms or hallways.
16.      No wet swimsuits in the gym or playroom.
17.      No glass bottles or glass products of any kind are allowed on the pool deck.
18.      No smoking or vaping on the pool deck or in the pool.
20. No alcoholic beverages are allowed for any one under the age of 21. Consumption of alcohol is a matter of personal preference. Containers of alcoholic beverages are to be concealed.
21. Intoxicated behavior will not be tolerated. Persons exhibiting intoxicated behavior will be escorted from the premises and are subject to suspension of pool privileges.
22. Clean up of food items and trash are the responsibility of the resident. Food debris is to be kept to a minimum on the pool deck.
23. Food is not permitted in the pool and must be consumed away from the perimeter of the pool.
24. Water wings, small floats, and small inflatable toys are permitted. Use of flotation devices, inflatables and other equipment are subject to lifeguard discretion.
25. No pets, no bicycles, no skateboards, no scooters, no skates and no rollerblades are allowed on the pool deck at any time.
26. No one is allowed to swim with open or infected wounds.
27. Babies, small children in diapers or children not toilet trained are required to wear plastic training pants.
28. Small children in the wading area must be directly supervised by a parent/obligated adult. Older children must defer use of the wading area to smaller children.
29. Children wearing flotation devices must be kept within arm’s length of an adult/obligated adult while in the water.
30. Persons using the slide must be a minimum of 48 inches tall and may not wear flotation devices down the slide. Parents may not wait in the slide well.
31. Tubes must stay in the lazy river or on posts. Tubes may not be “saved”. Do not drag tubes across the concrete. Do not sit on tubes on the concrete.
32. Cut offs and indecent swim wear are not allowed in the pool.
33. Residents not in good standing are not considered guests and will not be allowed in the pool area.
34. The Board of Directors, lifeguards and Pool committee have the authority, when deemed necessary, to expel or revoke access at anytime for misbehavior, use of abusive language or apparent intoxication. To file a written complaint write to:
Cusick Management
8008 Corporate Center Drive Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28226
704-544-7779 phone
704-542-0918 fax
35. Lifeguards are to be treated with respect at all times. Complaints about lifeguards should be directed to:

Trident Pool Group (704) 895-0818
36. The health and safety of the members and their guests are ultimately their own responsibility. The Brookhaven Neighborhood Association assumes no responsibility for damages or injuries. Members and their guests can have no claim against the Brookhaven Neighborhood Association for any accident or injury.
36. Concerns regarding security can be directed to
Landmark Security (704)527-7756
Stallings Police Department (704) 821-0300
37. The Brookhaven Neighborhood Association and Board of Directors are not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property.

Important Information

Hours: See below

Opens: May 12, 2018

Closes: Sept 17, 2018

Costs: Members Only