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Attorney, Lawyer, and Law Firm Websites

For Attorneys, Lawyers, and Law Firms, clients seek the services of someone who will best represent them. Let us build you a website that best represents you and leaves a lasting, professional impression on your clients.

Regardless of your type of law practiced or the size of your firm, your legal business will enjoy these benefits:

  • Enhanced Online Presence
  • Improved Communications
  • Advanced Technology & Functionality
  • Intuitive Feature Capability
  • Continuous Website Enhancements
  • Unmatched Support
  • and Much More!

Your Law Firm website is your professional voice and is the single most important driver of business for you and your firm. Your website should be used as not only a marketing tool to gain new clientele, but also as a tool for communication and information. Offering potential and current clients all the information they need to know about your services, your AtHomeNet website will do so in a quick, professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner that will make you stand out above the competition.


AtHomeNet's Attorney, Lawyer, and Law Firm Websites include a progressive list of features specifically tailored to meet the professional needs of your firm.

With more than 50 user-friendly features available, consistent updates are made monthly to enhance both your clients and your experience online, and at no additional cost to you! Click HERE to see a Full List of Features Available

With your AtHomeNet Lawyer website, potential clients will easily be able to view:

  • Website Homepage
  • Individual Lawyer Profiles
  • Contact Us Page
  • Documents & Forms
  • Public and Private Side

Website Demo

Explore some of our demos to get hands on experience and find out just how easy they are to use! Browse Website Demo


Q: How long will it take for my Law Firm Website to be up and running?

Within one week of your completed contract

Q: Do I have any say in the design of my Attorney website?

You will have access to a diverse array of color schemes and styles to choose from. Our design & support team will walk you through everything from picking your menu style and main colors, to inserting proper Meta tags for Search Engine optimization, all at no additional cost to your firm.

Q: What about training on my new Lawyer website?

We receive endless comments on how easy to use our websites are; but aside from that, AtHomeNet provides you with all the tools you will need to become comfortable using your website in a short amount of time. We offer video tutorials feature by feature available for viewing on our website. We also offer a free administrators site where website users from around the globe can share tips, techniques, and information. We offer weekly webinars that you can sign up for anytime, and we have a dedicated support team that is available to you more than 60 hours a week waiting to walk you through anything you need assistance with. All of this comes to your FREE of charge.

Q: You mentioned offsetting the cost of my Attorney Website via does that work?

Whether it's a banner advertisement, a small graphic ad, or simply a link or writeup; your websites is YOURS, and you can use it to generate as much revenue as you can sell via advertisements to other interested parties. AtHomeNet leaves that entirely up to you and we take no percentage of anything you earn...but our Support team is always willing to help you implement these ads free of charge also.

Q: Once my Lawyer Website is up and running, how can I drive more traffic to it and improve my standings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN?

AtHomeNet offers FREE SEO guides to all of our clients, teaching you how to implement some of today's best practices to improve your rankings on the search terms most relevant to your firm. If you'd like to take things to the next level, we offer paid SEO services and site optimization through a professional partnership with AtlantaSEOWorks. Atlanta SEOWORKS provides our customers with a special deep discounted rate that is exclusively offered to customers of AtHomeNet website services.

Q: How are the fees structured for payment for my Law Firm Website?

A low one time set up fee, and a monthly fee are all you are required to pay to get your Attorney website online. No hidden charges, no design fees, no fees for support or training. We even offer a discount for prepayment of the monthly website fees on an annual basis