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Attorney, Lawyer, and Law Firm Website Features

AtHomeNet offers two website plans for attorneys and law firms, each with its own unque set of features and options. The Standard plan offers a simple, elegant website at an affordable price and The Premium plan offers an unlimited number of pages, extended design options, and so much more.

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  • Standard Plan  Explore Options »

    • Public Area would be limited to:
      • Public Home page
      • About Us
      • Areas of Practice
      • Contact Us/Map page
    • Layout and design options would be limited to a standard template where the only graphical differences would be by adding the Firms name and logo in the header of the page.
    • Unlimited support
  • Premium Plan  Explore Options »

    • Public and Private areas
    • Unlimited number of pages
    • Electronic Forms
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • User experience/Training
    • Features, including but not limited to:
      • Company information
      • Contact Information
      • Areas of Practice
      • Related Site Links
      • Announcements
      • Documents
      • Request & Question
      • Calendar
      • 10 email addresses provided (additional $20 per month)
      • Eforms for information requests, contact, etc.
      • Private Labeling(Branding) of Websites
      • Employment Opportunities
      • FAQs
      • Company Photos/Events Gallery
      • SEO Keyword/Meta tag Fields
      • Public & Private/Employee Side
      • Separate Public & Private Home Page
      • Unlimited Modules(webpages) Creation
      • Surveys
      • Unlimited Online Documents
      • Email Bulletins
      • Company Bios
Attorney, Lawyer and Law Firm Website Templates