Growing community website company AtHomeNet relocated to new offices

Local firm seeks to facilitate expanding operations and new employees

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Susan Sanders

May 20 2007

Suwanee, Georgia's AtHomeNet Inc. is an industry leading provider of websites for communities, homeowner associations, and management companies. The firm began as a small regional service operating out of a family home and is now rapidly approaching providing service for over one million homes spread across 48 states.

Just two short years ago, the homegrown business moved into a new office building to adequately facilitate a staff that had significantly grown since the company's early days of operating from a private residence. At the time, employees were noted at suggesting that the 2000 square foot office seemed like a warehouse that was filled with excess space. In May of 2007, to meet and exceed the expectations of an expanding base of satisfied customers; AtHomeNet's community website pioneering staff relocated their offices a few miles away to a larger, more efficient facility. The move signifies the opening of an important chapter in the history of the company, as well as the continued growth of a business that is poised to introduce even more progressive user friendly community website technology in the coming months.

Having added to their support and sales staff in the recent past, the company was faced with the dilemma of finding space to allow their employees to function in a comfortable and feasible environment. With the possibility of summer interns and the normal array of annual events and workshops which AtHomeNet sponsors for their clients; the need for a larger more lucrative space was apparent. As the company becomes increasingly well known on a local and national level; the responsibility that the firm achieves and maintains a standard of operational excellence is in direct correlation with the size, location, and capacity of the facilities they operate within. The new AtHomeNet office is located at 400 Smithtown Road in Suwanee, Georgia and boasts over 4000 square feet of space. This is more than double the size of their previous office, and will allow the company the space it needs for growth in all of their departments.

About AtHomeNet AtHomeNet is the nation's premiere provider of customized, affordable websites for communities and Professional Association Management Firms. The company was founded in 1998 by husband and wife team Jeff & Susan Sanders. With their websites now being used in well over one million homes in 47 states and six countries, AtHomeNet continues to grow as a company and enhance their services in the ever expanding world of online technology. For more information on the company, visit or contact Susan Sanders at 1-800-556-7852,