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Frequently Asked Questions for Sales

Answered below are some of the most frequently asked questions about AtHomenet and its services.


What is the cost to design and setup an AtHomeNet Condo or Homeowners Association Web Site for our community?

AtHomeNet will setup and customize your community web site with your desired color scheme, features, pictures, logo and wording. Set-up fees range between $50 and $150 depending on service and plan. The monthly fee, is billed in convenient quarterly payments, and even this cost can be quickly reimbursed by selling classified ads on your community web site to local businesses in your area.

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Why would our community/association/subdivision want a web site?

The AtHomeNet Community & Homeowners Association Web Site service was developed in order to help promote and improve communications in residential communities. Having a community web site allows residents to gather and share information amongst themselves and also with board members, committee members, association managers and others in a quick and easy manner. In today's fast-paced society, there is often not enough time to perform the day-to-day activities and also keep up with what is going on in the community. With an AtHomeNet Homeowners Association Web Site, residents who miss a meeting or a newsletter don't have to miss out. They can catch up and get involved on their own schedule. Maybe early in the morning, while on lunch break at work, or late in the evening when things have settled down around the house. When it is convenient, they can visit the community web site, catch up on what is going on, offer their feedback and opinion and even converse with their neighbors. The Internet is a powerful force in our society and you can leverage this force to help create a more involved, better informed community.

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What can AtHomeNet's Homeowners Association Web Site service do for my Association Management company?

AtHomeNet prides itself on offering a very powerful set of tools for association management companies. Community association management is a demanding job with hectic schedules and tight margins and we have a number of features that make that job easier, less time consuming and more profitable. From an easy to setup Online Dues Payment feature for the management company web site to online Facilities Reservation tools, Vendor Management, eMail Bulletins, and Job Bid and Task Manager features on the community web site service, we have the tools you need to help you do your job. Our Management Company and Community websites also can help on the revenue side by letting you offer vendor advertising programs, and affiliate revenue generation along with giving you a great, search-engine-friendly web presence in short order so you can be found easily where board members are looking first for all their vendors...on the internet. Beyond that, our community association websites can be "private-labeled" as a service of your management company; thus letting everyone know that you have the kind of "technology friendly" approach to management that gives you a distinct advantage over your competition. Call us today to learn more ways we can help your community association management company.

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How much is all of this going to cost us?

There is a one-time setup fee. Beyond that, there is a monthly hosting fee that is based upon the number of homes or units in your community. Your community will be billed quarterly and the payment for the first three months is due when you sign up for the service. Please see the Pricing page to find the monthly fee for your size community.

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What if we decide we don't like the web site after it is up and running?

We are confident that your community will benefit immensely from your AtHomeNet Homeowners Association Web Site. If for any reason within the first 30 days of service, you are not satisfied with your community web site, we will refund all AtHomeNet Community Web Site monthly service fees paid and release your community from the remainder of your contract with no penalties. This does not include any domain name registration fee or hosting setup fee you paid depending upon your plan.

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What does AtHomeNet do for our monthly fee? In other words, why do we have to keep paying you?

Your AtHomeNet Condo, Community, or Homeowners Association Web Site is actually a web-based software program that dynamically gathers the latest information from your own private community database every time a user visits the site. This is how you can update the site so quickly and easily. AtHomeNet is always working to add new features and improve existing features in this web-based program. Your monthly fee covers any new or improved features AtHomeNet releases during the term of your contract. These new features will be offered to your community at no charge as soon as they are available. So instead of having to buy the latest "version" of our service, you will get it automatically. In addition to this, AtHomeNet provides regular backup and maintenance to the underlying database and content in order to keep your site functioning properly and efficiently. The fee also covers any Email or phone support your Community Administrator may need from time to time. Finally the fee covers the cost of the storage space that your community web site takes up on the web server, which is often referred to as a "hosting fee".

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Couldn't we just make our own web page if we know what we are doing?

Certainly you could. Many communities have done just that. However, if you look at a number of these sites on the Internet a pattern will start to appear. For the most part, these "homemade" sites are very limited in functionality. Few, if any, have message boards, chat rooms, surveys and voting, reservations, dues payment, classified ads, and a number of other features available with the AtHomeNet Association Web Site Service. The second thing you will notice is that most of these sites have not been updated in a long time and no longer offer timely, valuable information to their residents. This is usually caused when the "local computer expert" either becomes overwhelmed with the task of constantly updating the site and loses interest or moves out of the community. At that point the community is stuck because the expert was the only one who knew how to maintain and update the site. With AtHomeNet, we have automated and simplified the task of maintaining the site to the point that anyone with a web browser can do it without knowing anything more than how to type and click a mouse. In addition, our staff is constantly coming up with new and exciting features for our web site service and these are automatically available to your community without having to develop them yourself. Finally, while it may take months for your community to develop it's own web site, an AtHomeNet Community, Condo, or Homeowners Association Web Site is up and running in just ONE WEEK!

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