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AtHomeNet provides millions of residents worldwide with the most comprehensive & affordable Townhome Association Website service available.

An AtHomeNet Townhome Association Website is designed for your Townhome Association to enjoy efficiency, cost savings, and better time and resource management. You value your time...You value your budget...and your residents come first.

  • Advanced Technology & Functionality

    AtHomeNet uses the latest and most progressive technology to design HOA websites for your community no matter what size or type. At the same time, our HOA websites are built to maximize the user experience, making them astoundingly user friendly and easy to navigate and affordable.
  • Intuitive Feature Capability

    Because every community's needs are different, AtHomeNet HOA websites are designed with diversity and adaptability. With Intuitive features like our "Limitless Modules," you can easily create whatever sections of your website you need, all within minutes with our easy access user interface.
  • FREE Monthly Feature Enhancements

    As part of our commitment to offering you the best service imaginable; we release NEW HOA Website features and enhancements EVERY MONTH at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.
  • Enthusiastic Support

    Our team of highly trained HOA website technicians is available to you over 52 hours a week to assist you with any area of your new HOA website.
  • Post Townhome Association meeting minutes

    Online for residents to access in a secure website
  • Advertise homes for sale

    Sell classified ads, and handle community business in an easy to use website
  • Beautiful designs and layouts

    Take advantage of our beautiful designs and layouts to give your community a unique identity
  • Improve community interactivity

    With scores of features that bring residents together, enhance communications, safety
  • 24 hour access

    24 hour access to a centralized source of community information

Top Features

AtHomeNet Websites for Townhome Associations empower your Association to:

  • Post essential documents and share information in a secure online environment
  • Give residents & Board members 24 hour access to your Association's important information from the moment they log in
  • Maximize resources and time with fully interactive features tailored to your Townhome Association's needs
  • Give your community a beautiful, visually appealing online identity with cutting edge designs and progressive technology
  • Experience communication without constraints through the nation's premiere provider of feature packed, affordable, cost saving websites for Townhome Associations for 11 years and counting
  • Enjoy user friendly, fully interactive Townhome Websites save time, improve communications and safety
  • Invigorate your Association's efficiency through total community connectivity

Getting online with AtHomeNet's Townhome Website service could easily be one of the best choices your Association will ever make.

  • The AtHomeNet tech team utilizes the latest most innovative website technology, providing the most advanced Townhome websites functionality to our clients while making them user friendly and easily navigated.
  • No other professional provider of websites for Townhome associations provides Brand New Features and FREE Enhancements EVERY MONTH at NO ADDITIONAL COST to your Association. Our continuously growing set of Townhome website Features currently offers the industries' most impressive array of functionality exclusively designed for your Townhome Association's unique set of needs.
  • AtHomeNet has a full team of Townhome website support technicians who are available to you more than 52 hours a week to help you master using your new Townhome website. In addition, we offer our valued clients:
    • Access to standby technicians on weekends
    • A FREE monthly Gazette packed with tips and new feature listings
    • A one week maximum setup time from the minute you order your new Townhome Website
    • FREE Access to our Administrators Website featuring articulate video tutorials, helpful tips, and up-to-date information on related subjects such as S.E.O, Association Management, and Townhome and Community Association industry resources and developments.

According to national statistics, Townhome associations account for a significant percentage of all Association governed communities in America. Townhome websites are important tools in addressing the perpetual communications challenges that every neighborhood association faces daily.

Townhome Association
"AtHomeNet provides your Townhome association with a beautifully designed, fully interactive, easy to use Townhome Web Site which is enthusiastically supported by an Atlanta-based a surprisingly reasonable price."

As Homeownership increases with many residents moving from rental properties to private homes; there are considerably greater issues involving maintenance, property taxes, general upkeep, and other concerns that having a Townhome website can facilitate and simplify. Communities that have an AtHomeNet Townhome Association Web Site gain a distinct advantage in managing the countless tasks associated with the running a neighborhood association.

Based on statistics researched by the non-profit Community Associations Institute, millions of Americans serve in various positions on Association boards in every state. Townhome association members make up a significant portion of this number. AtHomeNet has leveraged the input, feedback and ideas from these dedicated Association members serving in these Associations, making our websites the most complete and useful Townhome Association web sites service available.

If you are seeking a complete and affordable way to share, educate, inform, and communicate information with the residents and Board members in your community; AtHomeNet Townhome websites are the ultimate solution for your Association's business and social connectivity.

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The Facts About A Townhome Association Web site and Why You Need To Know Them

"Townhome websites are a critical component of community communications, and an essential tool in every community that values resources such as time, money, and volunteerism"

Ten years ago, that statement would have seemed far ahead of its time. The truth is, there are still some Associations that deem the idea of spending their money on Townhome web sites as a luxury, speculating that communities can share a productive level of communication without having an online presence.

In other words, they are asking themselves the question, "Do we really need a website?" The reality is...

the world of costly paper mailings, sign postings, endless phone calls, over stuffed file cabinets, and stacks of phone books has become an all too painful and time consuming reminder that whether you are researching a product or service or simply trying to order a pizza, the web is the new portal to the entire world.

Let's be frank, there are a lot of Townhome Association Web Site providers on the web who collect monthly or annual fees on a variety of Townhome website services that in many cases, have no more functionality than a basic MySpace page. The average firm offering to sell your Association Townhome sites could be offering anything from a two page, one color template, to a complicated menagerie of technology heavy design that it would take Microsoft's senior development team to figure out how to navigate.

A lot of companies that design Townhome sites are hardly exclusive to the Townhome Association Website industry. To put it bluntly, large conglomerate technology companies whose technicians and officers have scarcely logged into a real Association website of any kind are suddenly entering a market and providing what in actuality is a small subset of their overall operations. Without even a remote understanding of the Townhome websites industry, or the needs of the residents and Board members in neighborhoods and communities that are associated with it; it becomes obvious why these companies attempts at Townhome sites lack the features that Associations and their residents really need. This unfortunately leads to a great many Associations paying out their hard earned money to either buy a mediocre service at a bargain basement price; or can outrageous assortment of fees for a ton of functionality a community didn't request, doesn't need, and can't use.

Board members, residents, and Association volunteers who live in real neighborhoods understand exactly what functionality and features a Townhome website has to have to truly connect a community. In some states, Townhome sites are legally mandated for the public posting of meeting minutes, by-laws, and other information essential to resident safety, information and legal compliance. Each year, new legislation is passed regarding what information Townhome Associations HAVE to make accessible to their residents, 24 hours a day. A Townhome website is the best solution to insure compliance with these evolving laws. Outside of the legal requirements, Townhome sites offer residents an opportunity to interact and become a thriving community, as opposed to just a collection of individuals living in homes next to one another.

The AtHomeNet Difference

AtHomeNet Classic & AtHomeNet Elite are complete Homeowner association website solutions that were conceived, designed, and are constantly enhanced by real people who live in and understand Homeowner Associations. The features and functionality in our HOA websites are updated monthly, with new features being made available based on the feedback of thousands of residents and Board members who are living in real communities in our nation and beyond. In addition, AtHomeNet Homeowner Association web sites feature FULL integration with 212 Software, the nation's leading community accounting software provider. This exclusive arrangement allows residents with a valid login and account on our HOA sites to do everything from pay dues on line to check their account balances and complete other financial HOA related transactions.

AtHomeNet Classic & AtHomeNet Elite are complete Townhome Association website solutions that were conceived, designed, and are constantly enhanced by real people who have lived in and understand how Associations operate. The dynamic features and functionality in our Townhome websites are updated monthly, with new features being made available based on the feedback of thousands of residents and Board members who are living in real communities. In addition, AtHomeNet Townhome Association web sites feature FULL integration with 212 Software, the nation's leading community accounting software provider. This exclusive arrangement allows your residents and Board members with a valid login and password to do everything from pay dues on line, to check their account balances and complete other financial Association related transactions.

AtHomeNet is the nation's premier provider of affordable, feature packed Townhome websites, designed for communities of any size, in any location. For over 11 plus years, we have designed and enhanced Townhome community, Association Management, Small Business/Organization & HOA website solutions that are tailor made and easily adaptable to the needs of our diverse portfolio of Neighborhood Associations. Our Townhome Association websites are logged into by countless residents daily, all throughout America and in over 5 different countries world wide. Our services are constantly evolving, just as our clients and their communities evolve; keeping our Townhome sites team fully in step with a changing global Community Management landscape.