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  • April 2013

    Moderated Message Board, GoMobile! Now with New Features and Enhanced Look and Resident Adoption Video Series

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  • February 2013

    Jenark Two-Way Data Sync, New Map Widget, Vendor Related Documents, Instant Article Categories, Events Calendar RSVP and More

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  • December 2012

    Weather Widget!, Notify your advertisers when their classified ad is about to expire, Homes for Sale Enhancement, Up! Message Board Subscriptions, Custom Alert Message Recording, New Email Bulletin Templates and More

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  • October 2012

    Enhancements to the Message Board - including Creating multiple categories, topics, subscribe, security, "locked" and "pin" items + eForm Field Ordering, Task Manager Report, Menu Manager Edit Confirmation and more Bulletin Templates

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  • August 2012

    NEW Management Software Integration!, Manage Menu, Enhanced Email Bulletin Administration, eForms Made Easier, More Instant Article Categories and more

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  • Summer 2012

    FrontDesk Services, Eforms, Reservations, Instant Articles, Task Manager, new Email Bulletin Templates and more.

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  • Spring 2012

    Photo Album, Widget & Announcement Enhancements, "Confirm Delete" Pop-Ups, Instant Articles, new Email Bulletin Templates and more.

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  • February 2012

    Portfolio Access, Community Website Sign-Up, Site Search Enhancement, Delete Confirmation, Email Bulletins. Instant Articles and more

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  • January 2012

    Message Board, User Profile, Photo Albums, Hot Links, Email Bulletins, Instant Articles and more

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Resident Adoption


New User Training

  • New User Training

    The New Admin Training offers AtHomeNet clients an introduction to understanding their role as the Web Site Administrator.

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Resident Adoption

Resident Adoption Video Series
One of our most important goals here at AtHomeNet is to guide our new clients in the successful implementation of their community website, and also to advise administrators who have been clients for several years on simple ways you can add new life to your content and encourage residents to visit your website regularly. Click Here to view video series

Introducing Track Links

Introducing Track Links
The Track Link feature of your website will not only shorten your URLs, but track the number of times the link is clicked and the page is viewed! If you want to know how many people click the link to your online newsletter, simply set up the link to be tracked and check out the easy-to-use interface to find out how many times it was viewed! Use Track Link anywhere you post links, including your Email Bulletins, the community Twitter account, or wherever you need to post a link that can be tracked! Click Here to view video

Introducing MultiConnect

Introducing MultiConnect
As we constantly evolve our services to provide you with the ultimate communication tool for your community, we are now bringing you MultiConnect! The two facets of the MultiConnect service are AlertCast and BulletinBlast. AlertCast sends important messages from your AtHomeNet website to your entire Address Book by email, a text message to their mobile phone and an automated voice call. BulletinBlast allows community website administrators to enhance your Email Bulletins with text messages and automated voice calls. Click Here to view video

Hurricane Resource Guide

Hurricane Resource Guide
Is Your Community Prepared? A community website can be a vital communication tool in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster. From providing up-to-the-minute status updates and photos of the property to offering a list of local vendors for damage repairs, your website can be your residents' ultimate resource. Click Here to view video

Tuxford Homeowners Association

Tuxford Homeowners Association
Tuxford HOA Website Administrator Chip Yonkee of Alpharetta, GA, utilizes AtHomeNet's progressive Online Reservations system to create an interactive 24 hour outdoor Tennis Reservations Kiosk, designed to allow the community's residents and unprecedented level of convenience and accessibility. This video covers in detail Tuxford's evolution from an inefficient system of paper postings and conflicting reservations to synergizing AtHomeNet technology and a little ingenuity to create an entirely new community reservations process that has now become a way of life. Click Here to view video