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Full, Two-way Integration with the nation's #1 Accounting/Management Software

Authorized Integration Partner with TOPS since 2002

  • Synchronization includes:
    • Resident Level Access to:
      • Resident Contact Information with phone numbers and email addresses
      • Account Status information
      • Current Balance
      • Last payment amount and date prominently displayed
      • 12 month payment history
      • Submission and status of Work Orders
      • Viewing of issued Pool Passes
      • Viewing of issued Gate Passes
    • Board Member Access to:
      • Bank Account Balances
      • Online Invoice Approval with image of invoices
      • Over 150 standard TOPS Reports
      • Dues/Assessment Payments Online
  • Residents make a payment using
    • Visa/MasterCard/Discover
  • ACH
    • File generated for direct import into TOPS
  • No double entry or rekeying of information
    • Secure environment
    • 100% VISA compliant
    • VISA Payments done online with no offline component
  • Pricing

Each month AtHomeNet and TOPS Software Developers work together and continually enhance the level of integration between our services. TOPS Software - a true partner with AtHomeNet!

AtHomeNet has been recognized as a TOPS Authorized Integration Partner. The TOPS Authorized Integration Partner program was established to identify companies who are leaders in their fields and have worked closely with TOPS to develop services specifically designed to enhance the TOPS client experience. Clients using the services of a partner company are assured to receive both initial integration assistance as well as ongoing support from TOPS for these services.

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