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Components of a Good Search Engine Optimization Campaign

"What Can I do For My Site and How Can I Do it Using a AtHomeNet Website"

It's All About Content-Start with Your Homepage.

  1. Pick Your Keywords Your company or community name should be your very 1st Keyword, because if you can't be found on your own name, you are starting at a deficit. Keep in mind that others may be using Google Adwords to bid on your name. After that, select terms that represent your Association Management Company or Community, such as "Association Management or Community Name Homes For Sale". Do searches yourself to identify what you want to be found under, and there are several online programs available on Google that will tell you keyword traffic monthly and weekly. Often you can use phrases in the body of your page content that feature your name as the prefix followed immediately by a strong keyword term, such as "Hawthorn Management Association Websites". When Google crawls your page, it matches on single words as well as phrases. So in this, you have covered "Hawthorn Management," "Hawthorn," "Association Websites," and "Hawthorn Association Management Websites"
  2. Use Meaningful Content to Optimize all of your pages Your home page should not only contain who you are, what you do and where you do it, it should also contain enough content to house lots of keywords and phrases. Find tidbits or facts on population, tourist attractions, the state or city, any relevant statistics, and generic info on your community or Association Management company (ie mission statements, company facts, pitch phrases). Don't focus solely on your homepage though; think of every page as a fresh opportunity to gain ranking on key phrases. Using the Modules feature to create pages with a specific theme or goal in mind should be routine as a part of your optimization campaign. As long as you have content, no matter how long winded or boring, Google will not penalize you for using your keywords as much as possible on any given page(s).
  3. Optimize Your Headings On Pages Bolded headings with your company name or community name on each page. Use the "Feature Descriptions link in the Admin menu to customize titles for pages, For instance, if you have a Homes For Sale, don't just write Homes for sale in the feature description. Bold "Brighton Estates Homes For Sale" Or for classifieds "Brighton Estates Classifieds" Even more effective, add a brief description for every page you can. If you live in Brighton Estates and you want your Homes for Sale page ranked…add a paragraph that mentions the city, the keyword phrase such as New York Homes For sale (if it's in N.Y). Remember that Google ranks certain pages within websites based on content.
  4. Optimize for Search Engines, but keep your customer or audience in mind So let's be honest, no-one wants to really read 2 pages of marketing catch phrases and company PR for their personal joy. Make the 1st paragraph or two tell your reader everything they need to know about you to get them to do what you want them to do. Make clear links to your goals, such as "Request A management Proposal" "Sign up for a Whatever" or Go directly to "Homes For Sale". Use links within your text often to send someone back to your home page or to any page you are trying to drive your reader. Remember, the keyword content is for the search engines. S.E.O content will get someone to your page, but easy navigation with clear links and calls to action once they get there will keep them there, or point them where you want them to go.
  5. Utilize Good Internal Linking Whenever you optimize a page with content, it's always a good idea to have a clear link Home, or to whatever the goal of the page is. Try to avoid linking off your site. If there is relevant information such as a chamber of commerce or an information page on HOA laws…copy or summarize the content (as long as you're not infringing on copyrighted materials) and create a Module page for that information within you site, and link to that.

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