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Understanding How to get the Most out of Feature Descriptions

Beginning SEO - Using Feature Descriptions effectively.


If you are a Association Management firm, whether it's your services page, your home page, your contact us page, or your about us page, use the feature description to begin every user experience with the name of your company and any applicable keywords that make sense.

For instance, if the name of your company is Jackson Association Management Inc., out of Chicago Il. At the top of your services page, you should have as the feature description along the lines of,


(Complete services for Chicago area Condo Management, Homeowner Associations Management, Townhome Management, Commercial Property Management, & Residential Management)

Notice the bolded use of the company name, followed by the list of yellow bolded strong keywords for services, followed by keyword phrases of services. Try to avoid using single line words like saying things such as ," We provide services for HOAS, townhomes, condos, etc." The problem with these is that if someone searches on the keyword "townhomes", or "HOAS", that is such an arbitrary and common term that even if you were fortunate enough to rank on it, the chances of a person searching for property management doing a search for "Townhomes" as opposed to Townhome Management, are slim. Make it a habit to use strong keyword phrases when making reference to your services. If you are a community, the same principles apply. If you have a homes for sale section, use your feature description for example,


Please view our complete list of homes for sale in the Cornerstone Square community. A complete listing of Chicago area real estate is available from a variety of online sources; however, this listing is updated monthly with new and existing homes for sale exclusively in Cornerstone Square

Here again, the highlighted keywords are displayed in underline. A brief description of whatever feature you are on never hurts, and always grants you new keyword opportunities. Take some time on your own to come up with keywords relevant to you. Do a few searches on Yahoo, Google, etc. Put yourself in the mind of your potential customers or web audience and imagine different ways someone can search for you. Google also has a number of tools within that will give you estimated traffic for keywords. Remember that individual pages can gain great organic search positions.

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