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Keywords and Meta Tags

Understanding how to use meta tags, description tags, keywords and AtHomeNet's module functionality.

Meta Description Tags

Technical definition: The Meta description tag is a snippet of HTML code that belongs inside the Head section of a Web page. It usually is placed after the Title tag and before the Meta keywords tag, although the order is not important. Google and Yahoo use this tag as a very small % of how they decide to rank a page. Some research suggests it makes no difference if you leave it out altogether, but this tag gives you a chance to quickly tell a web surfer what the purpose of your site is.

Meta Title Tags

The title tag is what the user will see at the top of the browser window, as well as in the search results as the linked title to your Web page. Title tags help search engines determine your web page's relevancy for certain keyword phrases.

Meta Keywords

Since the search engines use a wide variety of factors to determine site rankings, optimizing a page to rank high is a cumulative effort, which includes good keyword tags. Phrases and words, relevant to your site, your business, what you sell, or who you are can be that deciding factor that once you have good content, pushes you over the top. They used to have more weight but were abused by people just trying to get visitors to their websites.

AtHomeNet's New Modules Meta Keyword Options:

Our modules are multi-tiered as you know, with 3 levels. Now we can add custom tags to all 3 levels, which include the Meta title description, and keywords. How does this help clients? An Atlanta community that has a homes for sale they are trying to get traffic to could create a special 3 tiered module with the 1st level being "Atlanta Homes For sale" The 2nd tier could have Homes for Sale in Duluth, Homes For Sale IN Suwanee, Homes for sale in Decatur, the 3rd could have 2 level Duluth homes, 3 level Duluth homes, Remodeled Duluth Homes. With keywords and individual tags for each level of these modules, you can get specific pages ranked for specific things with a combination of good content and the right tags. For a PM company, it's even better, for plans that address HOA management in different cities, or at different pricing strategies. Encourage people to use the tags

Limitations: Characters:
Meta title: 70
Meta Description: 255
Meta Keyword: 255

Title: Hawthorne Management- North Carolina's #1 HOA Management Firm (62 with spaces)

Description: Hawthorne Management is North Carolina's #1 Full Service HOA and Association Management Firm, with over 300 properties serving Charlotte, the upstate, and most of eastern N.C (175 characters with spaces)

Keywords: Charlotte HOA Management, North Carolina HOA Management, South Carolina Homeowners Association Management ,charlotte condo management, Carolina HOA, Carolina HOA Management Company, NC Condo Association Management, Community Management Charlotte (247 Characters With Spaces)

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