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Creating and Hosting Community Websites

Why your association should have a community website.

The community association website will bring a community together by providing homeowners, board members, committee members and the property manager with a means to communicate and a place where homeowners can find information concerning their community. The association website will be the main resource for homeowners and others interested in moving into your community. An interactive community website will give you the means to get information out to residents quickly by posting announcements on the website or sending email bulletins to all the homeowners at once.

Our websites have over 52 interactive features and you can also create extra features specific to your community. Listed below are just a few ways your homeowners can use the website as an information and communication tool.

Document Storage Area
This is where you can store the associationís covenants, by-laws, rules and regulations, newsletters, or any forms the community uses such as maintenance requests and architectural review forms. Now everyone will have access to this vital information at anytime.

Events Calendar
The calendar displays a monthly view of all events. There is no limit to the number of events you can post on the calendar and it can even be exported to a residentís own personal Outlook calendar. So now homeowners will have an easy way to keep track of when board meetings and other events are being held including the place and time. Homeowners can even RSVP to a particular event.

Message Board
Residents can post a comment, question or problem and other homeowners can post a reply. The message board allows homeowners to share or seek information from their neighbors.

Requests and Questions
Homeowners can post a message or ask a question. This means less phone calls to board members or the property manager but gives the homeowners a means to ask a specific person, such as the board president, a specific question.

A means for homeowners to voice their opinions and check interest on certain topics. This gives homeowners a voice and a feeling they are being heard.

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