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CAMP Online Courses

AtHomeNet, in partnership with Edison State College, now offers online continuing education units. We are currently offering Community Association Managers Program (CAMP) courses.

We invite you to learn more about these valuable and engaging courses. Instructions for accessing the online courses for: the Community Association Managers Program - CAMP.

How to Select and Register for Courses:

  • From the Lifelong Learning home page, select the "Registration" button.
  • After reading the Registration Instructions screen, select Next.
  • Select "AtHomeNet" from the list of Sponsor Organizations/Institutions and click Next at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select "Community Association Managers Program - CAMP" and click Next.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the course or courses for which you would like to register ($35 for three bundled courses) then click Next (see list of Available Courses at end of this document).
  • After selecting the course or courses for which you would like to register, proceed to the Personal Information and Payment screens.
  • Once the registrations steps are complete, the user can return to the Lifelong Learning home page at any time at:
  • From there, the user will be automatically taken to their courses which can be completed at any time at their own pace.
  • Review the "Community Association Managers Program - CAMP" Courses below.

Note: There are several other online courses available through the CAMP program, and all of them can be accessed for registration at any time by selecting -Edison State College as the sponsor institution/organization.


List of Available CAMP Courses:

There are multiple courses on a variety of topics to help you expand your knowledge about your position as a Community Manager! Course topics include Insurance Essentials, Safety and Security, and Rules and Records. You can even learn about Mold Damage and Community Association Landscaping! If you're interested in learning more about administrating your website and other technology for your community, there are courses about the Web and Beyond! Take advantage of volume pricing on your tuition by choosing AtHomeNet as your referral source for this program! Be sure to choose Community Association Managers Program to ensure that you receive the proper credits!

ACCOUNTING FUNDAMENTALS: (includes each of the following courses)

Introduction to Community Association Accounting (1 of 3)

Income Statements (2 of 3)

Cash Flow Management (3 of 3)


BUDGETING BASICS: (includes each of the following courses)

The Budgeting Process (1 of 3)

Creating the Budget (2 of 3)

Reserves Budget (3 of 3)


COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION LANDSCAPING: (includes each of the following courses)

Introduction to Landscape Management (1 of 3)

Turf Management (2 of 3)

Maintenance of Landscaping (3 of 3)


EMPLOYMENT ESSENTIALS: (includes each of the following courses

Basic Employment Law (1 of 3)

The Hiring Process (2 of 3)

Sexual Harassment (3 of 3)


HURRICANE SEASON! ARE YOU READY: (includes each of the following courses

Smoke & Odor Damage Mitigation (1 of 3)

Disaster Preparedness (2 of 3)

After The Storm (3 of 3)


INSURANCE ESSENTIALS: (includes each of the following courses)

Introduction to Condo Insurance (1 of 3)

Directors & Officers Exposure (2 of 3)

Ordinance & Law Exposures (3 of 3)


ISSUES OF CONTROL: (includes each of the following courses)

Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations (1 of 3)

Election and Recall of the Board (2 of 3)

Transition of Control (3 of 3)

KEEPING ASSOCIATIONS SAFE AND SECURE: (includes each of the following courses)

Storm Wise Landscapes (1 of 3; OP); Intro to Assoc Security (2 of 3; E); Safety Procedures for CA (3 of 3; E)


MANAGING MEETINGS: (includes each of the following courses)

Roberts Rules of Order (1 of 3)

Meeting Management (2 of 3)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 of 3)


MOLD: THE SILENT KILLER: (includes each of the following courses)

Introduction to Mold (1 of 3)

Carpet Water Damage Mitigation (2 of 3)

Wood Flooring Damage Mitigation (3 of 3)


RULES AND RECORDS: (includes each of the following courses)

Recordkeeping and Member Access (1 of 3)

Enforcing Rules (2 of 3)

Collection/Foreclosure (3 of 3)


TECHNOLOGY TOOLS: THE WEB AND BEYOND: (includes each of the following courses)

Introduction to Web Site Terminology (1 of 3)

Introduction to the Association Website (2 of 3)

Technology Tools for Community Association Managers (3 of 3)


TURF & PLANTS: FERTILIZATION & PESTS: (includes each of the following courses)

Turf Fertilization (1 of 3)

Plant Pest Management (2 of 3)

Turf Pest Management (3 of 3)


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