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Sun City Roseville "wildly enthusiastic" about AtHomeNet

If you're a technology company, it's a pretty high compliment when your product is chosen by prominent executives from Silicon Valley.

And that's just what happened in the summer of 2002 when Sun City Roseville chose AtHomeNet to be its Website provider. Sun City Roseville is an active adult community tucked into the Sierra Nevada foothills near Sacramento, California. The community set up a committee that would be responsible for creating a Website that would serve two purposes: to promote the community and create a sense of cohesion for its 5,000 residents.

Committee members chose AtHomeNet after hearing good things about the service while attending homeowner association conventions and speaking with people in the industry. But one big question remained: would the community's consultant and Web designer like it?

The answer is an emphatic "yes." "I looked at it and loved it," said Mary Helen Fein. "I took to it right away. I saw that it was really great service, and I saw that it was easy to use and very intuitive – all the things we like about a Website."

And thus the team was off and running. Fein says one of her favorite aspects of developing the Website was choosing from the numerous options AtHomeNet offers. "All the built-in features are so magnificent, but at the same time the software is flexible enough to let us do anything we want – really anything," she said. "In addition, their graphics team outdid themselves implementing our flash animation and the other things we wanted."

Incredibly informative

Today, the Sun City Roseville Website offers a plethora of information for both the public and its residents. The public side of the Website offers details about the community golf course, restaurant, and wedding facilities. The resident-only side of the Website provides everything from announcements to news to investment information and even a games and humor section. The area that receives the most visits, however, is the "Clubs and Groups" section. Close to 60 chartered groups have information listed there, and some groups even have links to their own Websites. Still others issue their own newsletters; thanks to AtHomeNet, residents can opt in for the specialty newsletters they wish to receive.

The Website also allows the community to communicate with its residents in other ways. For example, the association's monthly magazine, the Village Courier, is posted in a pdf format on the site. A monthly eCourier newsletter is sent to residents, and special announcements are delivered via email bulletins that are labeled eCourier Special Edition

"All of this is done through AtHomeNet, and it's simply fabulous," Fein said. "We would not have these capabilities if it were not for them."

In addition to admiring AtHomeNet for its capabilities, Fein said the company earns high marks for its customer service. For example, if Fein makes suggestions for improvement or asks for a special feature, she says AtHomeNet is very responsive. Secondly, she says they're always available when she needs them. "I can call them any time and they'll pick up the phone, and they're always so helpful. Most of the things I ask them to do are done before we get off the phone," she says. "They're very support-oriented and are so easy to work with. You get that Southern hospitality feeling the minute they pick up the phone."

Fantastic success

Fein says she would definitely label Sun City Roseville's Website a success. "The flow of information and communication between the association and all the institutions and the actual residents has been immeasurably enhanced," Fein says. "Our goal was to facilitate that type of communication, and it's really worked. The Website is the 'go to' place for information about what's going on."

The proof of this activity is evident in the numbers – the site has approximately 1,683 visits per day, totaling 50,000+ per month. "The residents really like it; about 60-70 percent are now using it," Fein says. "And the ones who didn't see the need for a Website in the beginning can't complain, because the Website paid for itself."

AtHomeNet offers plentiful opportunities to incorporate advertising into its Websites, and Sun City Roseville sold advertising packages to realtors who were eager to work with the community. The results speak for themselves.

In the end, Fein says she's "wildly enthusiastic" about AtHomeNet and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the company to others. "I love the product and I think it's terrific," she says. "I sing their praises – I really do."


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