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Multiple news outlets began talking about the possibility of heavy snow in the southeast United States early in the week, practically pinpointing the moment when the freeze and precipitation would begin.

On the evening of Sunday, January 9, as many AtHomeNet employees were preparing for the week ahead of them, the snow fell fast and hard on a city that rarely receives large amounts of snow and ice. Gov. Sonny Perdue issued a state of emergency and news stations offered round the clock updates about school, business, and road closings. Dedication to being available to clients was of the utmost concern to company founders, Jeff and Susan Sanders, but they wanted to ensure the safety of their employees at the same time.

Upon waking Monday morning, there were 3-5 inches of snow covering the entire Northern half of the state. The interstates, highways and side streets were littered with cars abandoned by their owners leaving many roads impassable. In the dark, early hours, Jeff and Susan made the decision to close the office and have employees work from home. "The possibility of 'business as usual' was simply not going to happen and we needed to get in touch with all of our employees immediately to prevent them from attempting to drive to the office," said Susan.

AtHomeNet utilizes a private website called the Internal Knowledge Base to communicate and network with all of their employees via Event Calendars, Photo Albums, Announcements, Email Bulletins and more. One of the newest services available on AtHomeNet websites is MultiConnect, an innovative new service that allows website administrators to extend the reach of their messages via text message, voice call and email. This service is built into AtHomeNet websites, allowing you to reach out to everyone in your Address Book with important messages within minutes, no matter where they are.

Within moments, the important message was sent to every employee that the office was closed and to contact their manager. An Announcement was also posted on the website and a Photo Album was created to collect images from employees to share their experiences in the winter wonderland. When the snow had turned to slush and ice the following day, AtHomeNet was forced to close their doors again, keeping employees at work from the comfort of their homes. At a time like this, concerns about providing consistent superior customer service are top of mind.

Any fears about the quality of customer service from the Support team were quieted by a message from Donald I. Rehman, the Web Administrator for the Heritage Pointe Homeowners Association on Monday evening.

"You folks are 'faster than a speeding bullet' at giving help to Web Administrators, and you are most assuredly 'Angels of Mercy' to Web Administrators who make a mistake and need restoration assistance. Thank you so very much. All is now back and in good working order at AtHomeNet Support gets a "gold star" for response and assistance even in the midst of a Georgia weather storm - outstanding response!"

MultiConnect gave AtHomeNet officials the power to inform all of their employees within minutes resulting in continued high level customer service from the Support team. The structure of AtHomeNet's web services and behind the scenes tools allows for the ultimate customer service experience that our clients can use for their own purposes!


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