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AtHomeNet provides millions of residents worldwide with the most comprehensive & affordable Condo Association Website service available.

Because Your Condo Association deserves the best, you won't find another Condominium Association website provider that gives you more.

  • Advanced Technology & Functionality

    AtHomeNet uses the latest and most progressive technology to design Condo Association websites for your community no matter what size or type. At the same time, our Condo Association websites are built to maximize the user experience, making them astoundingly user friendly and easy to navigate and affordable.
  • Intuitive Feature Capability

    Because every community's needs are different, AtHomeNet Condo Association websites are designed with diversity and adaptability. With Intuitive features like our "Limitless Modules," you can easily create whatever sections of your website you need, all within minutes with our easy access user interface.
  • FREE Monthly Feature Enhancements

    As part of our commitment to offering you the best service imaginable; we release NEW HOA Website features and enhancements EVERY MONTH at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.
  • Enthusiastic Support

    Our team of highly trained HOA website technicians is available to you over 52 hours a week to assist you with any area of your new Condo Association website.
  • Post Condo Association meeting minutes

    Online for residents to access in a secure website
  • Advertise homes for sale

    Sell classified ads, and handle community business in an easy to use website
  • Beautiful designs and layouts

    Take advantage of our beautiful designs and layouts to give your community a unique identity
  • Improve community interactivity

    With scores of features that bring residents together, enhance communications, safety
  • 24 hour access

    24 hour access to a centralized source of community information

Top Features

AtHomeNet provides millions of residents worldwide with the most comprehensive & affordable Condo Association Website service available.

  • Share Condo Association Documents in a secure environment
  • Save time and money as you synergize your Condo's business & resources on one centralized website
  • Enjoy a set of features designed exclusively for the needs of Condo Associations
  • Full Financial Flexibility, pay dues online, handle accounting with 212 Software Integration, and process transactions such as gate passes and Parking permits
  • Sell advertising on your Condo Association Website to offset the cost and generate even more revenue for your community

What You Should Know About Condo Association Websites

The statement above was written by the president of a large Condo Community and originally appeared almost 2 years ago on a prominent Real Estate blog. Since that time, the world of living in a condo community has continuously evolved to keep pace with technology and lifestyle in cities and suburban areas all over the nation. The truth is, Condo Association Websites were fairly common in larger Metropolitan areas, but around the early 2000's America started seeing a growth trend.

With influxes in population growth in larger cities such as Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Chicago, a staggering amount of newly constructed condo units were springing up in surrounding suburbs and even smaller cities and towns in most of the states in the U.S. Construction firms were rapidly expanding their workload and designing and building massive condo communities, opening the door for a variety of Condo Associations and Resident groups to be created by an increasingly diverse group of people. In areas like Florida where large groups of retirement and resort communities establish a presence, many older Americans began using the internet more, catching up with the reportedly younger generation that always appeared more tech savvy.

Condo Association lifestyle image
"In today's internet driven world, a Condo Association website is the lifeline between residents, Board members, and a world where having a computer is as important as having a phone"

Truth be told, residents from 16 to 69 are now seasoned internet users, and as Boards and Committees begin to expand and diversify, Condo Association Websites serve as the common denominator between age groups, ethnicities, and demographics. Residents who login everyday to Condo websites act as communities within the larger community of the entire internet, connecting their residences, activities, and events to an entirely new world of opportunity and limitless interactivity.

On the practical side, many communities utilize Condo Association Websites to sell more units; seeing the Condo Website as a strong advertising tool where their units can be displayed and marketed directly on site and through the results of search engine traffic. Features such as Condos for Sale & Lease, Classifieds, and Job bids serve as business tools allowing communities who finance the cost of Condo Association Websites with Condo Association fees, to recoup their investment. Many communities utilize their Condo Association Websites as revenue generating hubs, highlighting classified ads and condo units exclusively and selling advertising space in banner ads and other announcements to outside firms and other interested parties.

At the end of the day, a Condo Association Website can only be as effective as the involvement and ability of residents and Administrators to utilize it as a business and communications tool. Many Condo communities launch community volunteer drives, offer training, paid website committee positions, and incentives to gain resident interaction for their Condo Association Website.

Why an AtHomeNet Condo Association website for my condominium community?

AtHomeNet's premiere Condo Association Website service has been proven to be instrumental in facilitating the highest degree of communication and connectivity for today's progressive condo associations.

The U.S Census Bureau reported in excess of 100,000 occupied condos in more than 50% of the US states as early as 1990. With population growth and development, these numbers have nearly tripled in some portions of the nation, with some states having close to one million.

The role of the condo association in these growing communities is not only one of leadership and upkeep, but more often than not it has become a fiduciary relationship where residents place not only their money, but also their trust in these entities. The decisions made by a condo association with regard to construction, maintenance, amenities, social and cultural enhancement, and legal matters, is pivotal in preserving the vitality and value of a community.

An AtHomeNet Condo Association Website harnesses the latest technology and design to create a tool for the condo association that is customized to simplify the administration and execution of all of the important tasks and decisions associated with the successful operation of a condo community of any size.

AtHomeNet's Condo Association Website service is a professional tool that no condo association should be without. AtHomeNet is the nation's leader in providing this service with the added benefits of phenomenal support, FREE monthly updates, and customized design; all standardized at an amazingly affordable price. With a full time technical support staff working to insure your community's needs are met quickly and efficiently; the set up time for your AtHomeNet condo website will be 1 week or less.

The AtHomeNet Difference

AtHomeNet's Condo Association Website plans are customized to the fit the size and needs of your Condo Community. There are many companies who build websites that are intended to be "Condo Websites" per say. Many of these providers have a template that they follow to the letter, regardless of the vast differences and diversity of America's countless Condo Communities. This results in not only a bevy of Condo websites that appear very similar in appearance, navigation and design; but also erodes the idea that every Condo Community is unique, stripping them of the ability to establish an individualized online presence. This practice leads to lack of interest and involvement from residents, which is an essential part of any Condo Association Website's affectivity.

AtHomeNet's Condo Association Websites are designed for Condo Communities to not only establish uninhibited internal and external communications, but also to become a unique visual representation of every community that uses our service. We understand the fact that no two Condo Associations are the same, so our Condo Association Websites are set up to highlight the individuality and personality of all of our client's communities. We also offer a free monthly Gazette packed full of new features and enhancements, tips on boosting resident login and adoption, and helpful resources on subjects such as Search engine optimization and Condo Association Website training.

Our support staff talks to hundreds of thousands of Condo Association Website administrators, committees, and volunteers every month. Many of our features and functionality were created as a direct result of feedback from real residents in Condominiums across the nation and abroad. Although our technology is fresh and exciting, we design every Condo Association Website with the experience of the resident in mind; meaning your Condo website is user friendly, easily navigated, visually appealing, and constructed so every age group and user level will enjoy logging in.

AtHomeNet is the nation's only Condo Association Website provider that releases new feature enhancements and functionality EVERY MONTH at NO EXTRA COST to your Association. Our full time staff of Condo Website 'Techsperts" is available 5 days a week, with an on call technician on Saturdays to walk you through any aspect of the site and respond to your emails quickly and thoroughly if you don't have time to call us.

AtHomeNet's Condo Association Websites offer the only authorized integration with industry leading 212 Software, meaning your Condo Association will enjoy full financial flexibility as they pay dues, balance budgets, and process payment request for routine business such as pool passes, parking permits, and gate keys. AtHomeNet Condo Association Websites are up and running in less than one week from the moment you sign up.