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General Website Design

Finding the right company for General Website Design can be a costly and frustrating exercise. AtHomeNet offers general website design at a fraction of the cost that most firms charge for the same services.

Professional website design can cost you thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds per page for additions or tweaks. In addition, most companies are going to provide you with a general website design that is a one shot deal, and once they are finished, love it or hate it, you are stuck with that design until your budget allows you to afford changes or updates. With such a highly competitive market and the demands of Search Engine Optimization making it difficult to maintain a website without at least a few changes on occasion, you have to have the ability to make content and source code changes to your site without having to pay additional fees or take computer programming classes on weekends. AtHomeNet's General Website Design options give you the exact look and feel that you want, while our advanced yet user friendly technology enables you or your designated administrator to easily update the website without incurring the perpetual costs generally associated with website design and maintenance.

Regardless of the type of website you need, our General Website Design options are flexible, affordable, and packed with a number of great features that are specialized to address all of your website needs.

Common General Website Design Questions

I want my website to stand out, don't all of the website templates you sell look kind of the same?
AtHomeNet's General Website Design services utilize the latest technology and a full time graphics team to make sure that your website is as individual as you are. You get to choose color scheme, menu placement, pictures, and customize the areas of your website to the exact look and feel that you desire. We don't roll out cookie cutter websites whose sole purpose is to simply sit on line. Our website designs are created with the user experience in mind, and our support team is here to help you create the online experience you are looking for in your website.

I'm not very computer savvy and I am worried about the difficulty of updating information on a website?
The majority of our website clients are able to navigate our websites within hours and days, not weeks or months. If you know how to send an email with an attachment, or type a word document, then you'll probably be using your new website fairly well in a short amount of time. If for some reason you don't have the time, we even offer Administrative services for your website where you send us your documents, pictures, and other files and we'll upload them for you for a low monthly fee.

If your websites are so advanced and fully customizable, how long will I have to wait before my website is up and running?
Our General Website Design plans give you a fully customized beautiful new website at an affordable price within just ONE WEEK of your order.

I already have a website and I just need a more current design, is it possible to transfer date from my existing site to one of your website design templates?
AtHomeNet's General website design support team will assist you in uploading your current data into your new website as part of our standard setup. Outside of special graphics needs such as flash or video, you'll incur no additional costs to get your website online.