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1. Background. The Association is selling one year subscription memberships for 2012/13 as a pilot program to evaluate the viability of selling subscriptions. This program is intended to help offset the increasing cost of pool operations while creating a minimum impact on existing owner pool use experience and privileges

2. Subscription Program. This trial subscription membership program runs from 1 June 2012 through 31 May 2013 and consists of the following:

individual memberships are $1,000, couple memberships are $1,500 and four person membership is $2,000.
Management will pro-rate the cost of membership based on the number of months left from time of purchase, if purchased after 1 July 2011
Pool Subscription Memberships have the following privileges
Non-voting membership in GPOA limited to the Pool Facility use.
Up to a maximum of four people at one time in the Pool Facility
Access to the pool during normal Pool Facility hours as established by the Board of Directors
Pool Subscription Memberships have the following responsibilities:
Cheerfully support the membership conditions.
Act responsibly and in accordance with rules and law while on property

3. Pragmatic Details.

The program is outlined in the Pool Subscription Rules and Policy Document
Applications are submitted to Accounting for approval by GPOA
Everyone using the pool must have signed a Pool Release and Indemnity Form
Members of the program are listed in the Pool Members List
Access is provided using card keys programmed under ‘Pool Membership’ in the employee key card section of Vision

Important Information

Hours: 10am - 10pm

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