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HOA Website Reviews

  • We've had our website with you for several years. Your expertise and attention are very much admired and appreciated. Wesley did a terrific job.

    Barbara Zietchick, Fox Run Preserve

  • Thank you again for all your help. The support so far has been excellent and the more I use the website the more I like it.

    Dan Nee, The Orchard Golf and Country Club

  • I truly appreciate that AtHomeNet offers updates, and is constantly thinking about how to make their product better. It only makes us look better! Thank you for helping us make this decision and making the transition so easy!

    Susan Janowicz, General Manager, East Lake Village Community Association

  • It isn't every day (or even once a month) that I talk to a customer service rep or support rep that is so willing/able to help answer my questions and is patient enough to teach me how to use the features your company offers. Thanks!

    Kathryn Davenport, McKay Management Corporation, Inverness Cove

  • I can't imagine anything you could do to improve your service. I'm still in awe of a technical customer support team that responds so quickly.

    Sandy Sandoval, Sonora at Rancho Sahuarita

  • I want to thank you for the wonderful support that you have provided for our community. I don't think I have ever encountered such a responsive group who is able to understand what we want even when we don't always put it in the proper technical terms.

    Donald Webster, Windermere Downs Community Association, FL

  • I really wanted to tell you was what a great job AtHomeNet does with support. As you know I have been involved in the software industry for close to 20 years and I can say without hesitation, you have some of the best support I have ever experienced. Thanks and we look forward to growing with AtHomeNet!

    Chip Benson, Kiawah River Estates, SC

  • Thank you so much for your invaluable help. You guys are doing a great job and I really appreciate it. Count me as a truly happy customer of AtHomeNet.

    Mark, Austin, TX

  • Can't begin to tell how GREAT you are...we have been very happy with your support and especially pleased with the web site.

    Brenda, Tazewell, TN

  • Beautiful Sites! Sincere thanks to whoever is responsible for our homepage. It looks fantastic, and I can't express my gratitude enough.

    Connor, Phoenix, AZ

  • WE LOVE IT! We have been using AtHomeNet for over four years! We love it! Don't buy anything else!

    Richard Davidson
    Co-Chair Website Committee Valencia Falls, Delray Beach, FL

  • AtHomeNet is all around GREAT!!! You are absolutely unbelievably responsive, talented, customer-oriented, and all around GREAT!

    Laurie, Auburn, CA

  • Congratulations on a job well done! I wanted to tell you how pleased and satisfied we are with your service and support. Your application was easy to populate with data and our residents have found it easy and straightforward to use. We appreciate you!

    Seven Oaks HOA, Roswell, GA

  • Great Site & Service! I am very very pleased with AtHomeNet. I work on our website when I can, and it is so user friendly. It is so easy to use the site and I love learning all of the things that we can do. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the site and AtHomeNet's service.

    Amy Smith, Cedar Lake Townhomes

  • You should be celebrated! I just wanted to take the time to say how pleased and satisfied I am with the AtHomeNet website service! We have been signed up with you guys since October 2006. It has been a pleasure working with your sales and support staff. They are extremely helpful, courteous, and very prompt.

    Jamal Wade, Potomac Ridge HOA

  • My service phone call was handled in an EXCELLENT manner. No improvements needed to this staff.

    Donald Snodgrass

  • We LOVE your service. After four years you continue to do wonderful additions.. Our residents think we are GREAT!!! ... we keep telling them you guys do all the work.

    Rick & Brenda, Tennessee

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Association Management Reviews

  • I'm very detail focused and as such, am no doubt a pretty demanding customer. The graphics staff is responsive, courteous and professional--keep up the good work.

    Bob Hudgins, Paramount Management/Prudential Commercial Real Estate

  • Our company has been with AtHomeNet for over 11 years. Their service in every way has been impeccable. I would recommend AtHomeNet to anyone considering them for their own business.

    Jill Mynarcik, Owner, Trade Wind Property Management

  • I previously had a website with you that I shut down. After many failed attempts to find the time to create my own, I realized that you are the best thing since sliced bread where this is concerned and I would like to do it again.

    Sarah Beavers, Association Management Solutions, Florida

  • The Best! Your Support team is THE BEST!!! Give em a raise or a bonus!

    Jennifer Settoon, Siena Community Director, Las Vegas, NV

  • I am putting together my 30th or so web site with AtHomeNet, and it is always a delight to work with such a caring group of people.

    Dennis, Governors Club POA

  • As we continue to roll out web sites.....I have to tell you how enjoyable it is for me... working with your folks. They are all so friendly helpful, have truly collected a great group of people! Warm Aloha!

    James Haupt, W.E. Denison Corporation, HI

  • You guys are amazing! The week turnaround for production was even quicker than I was ready for, but we went live and are thrilled. Thank you again for everything!

    Deb Lemeshow, Windsor Haven, NJ

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AtHomeNet Company Reviews

  • Ashley is ALWAYS extremely helpful, professional and courteous when help is needed. She goes that extra step to provide information when asked.

    Cindi Lombardi, Country Club of the South

  • Keep Jim Forbes. He is great!!

    Priscilla Stewart, Creekside Condominiums

  • Awesome. Thank you so very much for all of your assistance. You and your team are great to work with and I personally appreciate everything that you do for us.

    Barbara R., CAM

  • You are the best! Thanks so much. I'd never hesitate to recommend AtHomeNet to everyone!

    Barbara, Lacey, WA

  • Easy to Use! I believe AtHomeNet's format is the best I have seen and I have enjoyed working in it.

    Jill, Alpharetta GA

  • Service First! I have been using AtHomeNet for about 8 years and love them. Very responsive.

    Dennis, Myrtle Beach FL

  • Exceeding expectations! In this day and age, it is a pleasant surprise to find such a helpful customer support staff and I just wanted to express my appreciation!

    Lawayne, Huntersville, NC

  • Thanks again, for your terrific service. We couldn't be happier!

    Helen, Buford, GA

  • Can't begin to tell how GREAT you are...we have been very happy with your support and especially pleased with the web site.

    Brenda, Tazewell, TN

  • Awesome awesome job...You have just improved our board communications about 100 percent.

    Jed, Atlanta, GA

  • ...the website is AWESOME I really like what your staff did with the logo!

    Bill, Dayton, OH

  • The AtHomeNet support team is the Bomb! Thanx!

    Lydia Sweatt, Alexander Towers

  • Responsive Team! ...AtHomeNet has always been right there when I have a question.

    Len, Pennsylvania

  • Can't imagine what more you can do. Everyone is always courteous and interested (or pretends to be in any case) whenever I call.

    Mia Ramsden, Cypress Landing HOA

  • AtHomeNet Support Team, You ROCKED it this time! Whew hoo! You got it all in & it's ready to roll. We've got this down! Now let's see if we can do that again! Thanks a million, team!

    Linda W., The Warren Management Group

  • I want to sing the praises of the AtHomeNet Graphics crew for the magnificent job they did in rebuilding our website. All of the residents I've heard from so far are delighted with the new site. Of course, the performance of the Graphics Department didn't really surprise me because your tech support people always have been superb at responding to requests and performing on-the-spot fixes.

    Danna Henderson, Easton Club East

  • I'm always VERY satisfied with every tech support rep. Larry Lackey helped me this time. As usual he fixed my problem immediately without any follow-up necessary. Thank you, Larry

    Kent Krogh, Harbour Point HOA

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Client Perspective

Ms. Sanders,
Now that the dust has settled following the successful launch of our site on Friday 13th, I would like to take a few minutes to share my perception of the experience beginning of course with our search for a vendor up to an including post launch.

As a frame of reference, as a community we were suffering from a perceived lack of timely communication between our Board and residents. Communications from the Board were sporadic and while lots was being done, little of it was being adequately communicated. I joined a committee to improve communications which resulted in a quest for a web site approach as one of our objectives. We narrowed our option to three, one a hosting service provided by our management company, a suggested do it yourself approach using Yahoo (cheap) and your offering which was initially brought to our attention by our representative from our Management Company MRA as one which was viewed as the Premier offering in the industry.

After receiving you information from Jason Hollinsworth we built a business case comparing the options, pros and cons, etc., and presented them to the Board in early December. Our conclusions fairly represented the differences which resulted with an agreement by our Board that Athomenet was a hands down choice for us. Throughout this process, Jason was great in responding to questions, vetting contract issues and generally supporting us in the phase.

We signed the contract effective 1/1/09 and proceeded to build our paper prototype markups, module and category definitions etc. (we found your approach of providing templates for style and demonstration sites for functionality was comprehensive and easy to navigate). We also were gathering materials, documents and address book data to be used. We established a dialog at Jason's suggestion with your Production Manager Tammy Johnson and in mid January sent her a package with markup, a table listing of menu modules and categories and several discs with photos and documents to be used. We had also sent an address file to Graphics earlier.

Throughout the next three weeks, the process of building the site progressed rapidly with your staff provided great and understanding support while we worked through the various aspects of the build. We were very conservative in our approach to launch wanting the site to be as close to our model as possible before launch. In addition, we had communications prepared to accompany the launch which in combination proved extremely effective in reducing confusion and navigation questions. Again, your staff was very supportive of this approach.

The feedback from our residents has been great and rewarding given all the effort your team and our has put into it. We continue to explore and exploit the functionality while adding material daily.

As a retired Bank Operations and Technology Director for several Regional banks headquartered in Maryland (before mergers) I understand the challenges of building and maintaining a quality delivery organization where quality products and service is mandatory and expected. I am delighted to say that it has been my experience that Athomenet is such an organization and your product is first-class.

A couple closing comments. I know that many people whose names are obscured under Graphics, Support, Training, etc., are worthy of note as well, but two individuals who we were in most contact with, Ben Fuller in Support and Tammy Johnson were (and are) people who I would judge as outstanding in their respective roles and invaluable in making our launch successful.

Thanks to them and the rest of your organization. We look forward to a long and productive partnership.

Charles Siegmann
Member of the Board and Web Site Administrator
The Shores at Waters Edge

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